Blog Hosting

Blog Hosting or Hosting for your blog: Make sure all beginners and experts could be aware for “Hosting”. Hosting is the key of success for any Blog or Website. I am going to discuss this concept to clear of all my readers because I understand it by so many efforts. I use my language very common so that beginners can understand easily. Continue reading “Blog Hosting”

Domain Name Setting With Blogger

I already discuss about domain in my other post “How to start Blogging“. Web server use IP address to open any page or site on Internet. Unique domain name given to these IP address’s.

Domain Vs Sub-Domain: Most of the new users confuse in Domain name and sub-domain name.  I will explain it by example like my site “”,”” are examples of  main domain name and “”, “”, “” are examples of sub domains. Continue reading “Domain Name Setting With Blogger”

Blogging Beginner Tutorial

Blogging Beginner Tutorial

Before starting Blog in everyone’s mind come a lot of questions and queries about start blogging.  Here I am using simple language as much as that every beginners can easily understand in one instance. I want to touch all the corners of blog for not facing any problems by beginners. Continue reading “Blogging Beginner Tutorial”