People want to travel everywhere. Before travelling arises many questions about how to go, stay and important question about budget. Most of families belongs to middle class so they want to cover more area in less budget. So keep in mind all these things I am going to share my experiences travel to HARIDWAR RISHIKESH NEELKANTH and Important places to watch for viewers.
We are two families plan for tour to haridwar rishikesh and neekanth. My colleague was very experienced for this tour so its very easy for me. I was very free to fear about where to go and how to go , budget etc.
We plan for three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So there are many trains go to HARIDWAR. We decided go to early in the morning around 2.00 A.M o’clock early in the morning on Friday. We reached HARIDWAR same day on Friday around 7 o’clock A.M. So we have enough time to go anywhere. We take auto from Railway station to Bhimgoda.

Tour To Agra-Mathura-Varindavan

Share Experiences of Tour To Agra Mathura Varindavan. Travel Guide

Hello friends today I am going to share my experience for tour to Agra-Mathura-Vaindavan. First of all I will suggest you the best time to travel for this. You can travel here from mid october to March. I travel starting of the month October but there is little bit hot. You can plan at these places for four to five days. In these days you can easily watch all famous places of these area or complete your 84 koss yatra.
We most probably travel into night and in the morning reach at our destination. So decided to travel at friday night(29-sep-17). Firstly we decided to go Agra. So I booked railway tickets two months and book room in hotel 40 days ago in Agra. We are two families to travel. You can enjoy more if you go together and less costly. Agra is approximately 500 KM from out home town. Continue reading “Tour To Agra-Mathura-Varindavan”