Add Table into WordPress and Justify Text

How To Add Table into WordPress and Justify Text

In this post I will explain how to add Table and how to remove border of table into wordpress blog. The most important is how to justify text content of table.

Let first discuss how to add Table into WordPress

Simple in Text tab type <Table>  and close table </table>.

<table>                            /** Table starting symbol  **/
<tbody>                 /** not compulsary –Table body symbol **/
<tr>    /* creates rows with in table **/
<td>   /** creates cell within a row **/

For Example: Divide table row into fixed different column size into WordPress HTML
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WordPress Hostgator Hosting

Beginner users confuse for WordPress Hostgator Hosting. First of all we clear about Hostgator hosting type :

1.  Single Domain Linux Hosting

2. Single Domain Window Hosting

Click to learn about domain name setting

Both are same You can choose any one of above type. I choose “Single Domain Linux Hosting”.  Both hosting type can run and use on your Window and Linux system. Actually these are known as share hosting. They provide us single same server for more than one users. Sharing server is less costly. Continue reading “WordPress Hostgator Hosting” vs and

Compare vs

My aim provides useful and good content to all my readers. That’s why I want to touch all the corners related to blogging. Blogging start is not a big deal. To understand and clear all the doubts of beginners is my provision. Today I am going to clear difference between blog providers’ websites given below: Continue reading “ vs and”