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Blog Hosting or Hosting for your blog: Make sure all beginners and experts could be aware for “Hosting”. Hosting is the key of success for any Blog or Website. I am going to discuss this concept to clear of all my readers because I understand it by so many efforts. I use my language very common so that beginners can understand easily.

What is Hosting?  Most blogger beginners confuse about hosting like me “hahahahhaah”. But seriously I was very confused about hosting until I did not start blogging seriously and not used paid hosing by Hostgator.  For example Hosting is like a host of your website or blog. Hosting provides you tools to develop your blog on Internet.  Hosting provides space for your blog or website where you can design your own blog. Hosting provides you space where you can store your files, images, data in database online and design your blog, write post, using developing languages like PHP, HTML etc. In hosting you link your domain name  address which I already discuss with you.

Are you still confused between Free Hosting and Paid Hosting? What is difference and benefits of it.

Free Hosting:  “Blogger” and “WordPress” provides you free hosting tools (Click to know more). You can link here (Blogger or WordPress) your own domain name, write post, modify templates design, modify html code etc. You do not have any need to pay any money for it to use free hosting. Blogger hosting provides easy tools to use and understand for beginners. Any non-technical person can start blogging on blogger to use its tools.

Paid Hosting: You have full control of blog or website by using paid hosting. You have more plugins and tools which you can use for your blog or website. Paid hosting provides many websites like Hostgator, bluehost, godaddy etc. You can also choose domain name from same hosting websites. You pay these companies for hosting and they provide you different tools to design your blog or website. These tools you can use to develop your blog or website. Your all files, data etc stored on provided work area space from where you can add, update or delete these files and edit php,html code. In paid hosting everything provided to you like seo marketing tools (Discuss later about seo), files, Logs, Cloud Flare, Databases, Software’s, App etc.

Paid Hosting Vs Free Hosting :  Are you still confusing why we need paid hosting instead of free hosting.  There are many reasons to use paid hosting over free hosting.

  1.  In free hosting you have not need to spend any money but in paid hosting you need pay money in use of their services.
  2.  Free hosting have limited templates to design, plugin available for your website or blog whereas paid hosting have many template and also you can download your own new templates, seo tools, many softwares, develop your own code on different platform etc.
  3.  Free hosting website provider can delete your blog any time if they found not follow the term and conditions where as in paid hosting you have full control of blog or website.
  4. Free hosting provider can change in advertisements showing on your blog, you have not full control of website or blog.
  5.  If you want to be a professional blogger and prepare mind to earn money then you have to use paid hosting rather than free hosting.
  6. Paid hosting provide many tools and plugin to improve your seo rank to show your blog on first page of google etc whereas its not allowed in free hosting.
  7. Free hosting is not bad if you just want to just share your thoughts, Information etc or beginner to learn about blogging.
  8. Blog hosting by, is free whereas to use “” software you have to use paid hosting. Share hosting is less costly for beginners to start blogging with “”

If you can not afford server paid hosting in starting than I will recommend share hosting provided by different hosting provider company like Bluehost, Hostgator etc. In share hosting provided share server more than one user.

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I start blogging as part time business and change it into professional blogging. I want to share valuable, good content and real experiences with users.

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