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Hello friends today I am going to share my experience for tour to Agra-Mathura-Vaindavan. First of all I will suggest you the best time to travel for this. You can travel here from mid october to March. I travel starting of the month October but there is little bit hot. You can plan at these places for four to five days. In these days you can easily watch all famous places of these area or complete your 84 koss yatra.
We most probably travel into night and in the morning reach at our destination. So decided to travel at friday night(29-sep-17). Firstly we decided to go Agra. So I booked railway tickets two months and book room in hotel 40 days ago in Agra. We are two families to travel. You can enjoy more if you go together and less costly. Agra is approximately 500 KM from out home town.
The day come when we are ready to go friday night. But unfortunately in evening we check that the train has been cancelled for some reasons. So we both families decided to go by bus due to no train come. We reach at bus stoppage and take bus for New Delhi. In this time we check that train is coming but 4-5 hours late and we already file online TDR at irctc website for “Train is late more than 3 hours and Passengers not travelling” after waiting 4 hours.
In the morning 3 am we reach at new delhi. The buses for Mathura or Agra from Sarai Kale Khan. So we decided to rest at new delhi bus stand due to very tired and our hotel check in was 12 PM. After take rest and fresh at Delhi bus stand we decided to go by Metro Train upto Old Faridabad which is good if you want travel by metro otherwise I suggest go directly by train or bus from Sarai Kale Khan. We take another bus from faridabad to mathura and mathura to Agra. So we reach Agra next day (30-sep-17) near about 12:15 o’clock. From here we take auto to our booked 3 star hotel which is deny to free room due to heavy rush or shift somewhere else we discuss it later, so in the end we stay the same online booked hotel on some conditions which is comfortable for us.
After taking rest for two ours 1 to 3 o’clock we ready to go Taj Mahal. Firstly you have to buy entry ticket at counter inside taj mahal and then go in the line to enter in the taj mahal. After see Taj Mahal we come back to hotel due to tired. You can also go to Red Fort, Jama Masjid,Mahtab Bagh etc in agra or Go to Fatehpur sikri on next day.
Next day(1-OCT-17) in the morning around 7 o’clock we leave the hotel and go for Mathura. We reach at agra Railway station and take tickets for Mathura. During this time breakfast at railway station. After reach at 10:30 clock Mathura we decided to go first at Shri Krishna Janam Bhumi. We take e-rickshaw in 80rs for Shri Krishna Janam Bhumi. Here Mobile phone, luggage is not allowed to enter in the temple. So you have to submit there. We enter by second gate into the temple and one of us stay outside to keep luggage and mobile phones. After see temple we ready to go Varindavan. Lassi of curd is very tasty in Mathura. Must drink here. Distance from Mathura to Varindavan is 12 km where we want to go near Bankey Bihari Mandir. I suggest to take room near bankey bihari mandir.
Now we reach at Varindavan. There was heavy rush in the Varindavan due to Krishna ikadshi, weekend and holidays. We surprised after looking heave rush. Because we decided to take any guest house at the sport. There are many ashram and guest house in Varindavan but we afraid after looking so much crowed. It was our first time visit in the Varindavan. We dont understand where to go. No one ashram guru known by us. So we take relaxed somewhere else and kept our luggage. So search some rooms here. Due to heave rush and new to here people demanding so much much money for simple and unorganised rooms in their houses. So after search at Bankey bihar road we found well furnished and good AC room. Normal room upto 600rs and AC rooms are upto 800. But in heavey rush AC room upto 1000rs single room. Two family can easily stay in single room with extra Sleeping mattress.
So in the evening first we go “Prem Mandir” near about 4 o’clock. Prem mandir is 2 km from bankey bihari mandir. You can go by rickshaw in 40rs(4 Members). Prem Mandir is very attractive temple. So many lightening in temple feel different. After visit Prem mandir we go Iskon mandir by walking which is around 600 meter from Prem Mandir. You can shop here for Kangan at good price. We go to in the room and after refresh we go for dinner. You can take dinner as Thali system.
Next Morning(2-Oct-17) I wake up early in the morning 4 o’clock and ready upto 5 oclock. And wake up others until they are going to ready I go to “Radha Vallabh” mandir to attend Krishna Aarti. Bankey Bihari Aarti start 7:30 am around, First Aarti Radha Vallabh at 5 o’clock. After aarti mandir closed upto 8:30 for Shingar. And reopen after shingar of Krishna. So after taking tea all are ready to go near about 6:40. Fisrt we again go to Radha Vallabh which is closed. Some guide come and offer to saw Nidhi van, old mandir on just rs 50. So we ready to go with him by walking behind him. He was very good for us because we saw all near mandir and Nidhi Van. He also told us story of all these historical places. We reach at Jamuna ji near Kausi ghaat. We hire a private vote at 200rs for a full circle around upto Kausi Ghaat. Now we go back to Bankey bihari mandir at erikshaw on just rs 10 for each. There was very crowed.We go inside temple and worship Bankey Bihari. After Bankey bihari we come back to guest house. Now the time has been 10 o’clock around. We decided to go in hurry for Govind Dev Temple and Ragnath Temple. We hire again erikshaw at 80 rs for Govind Dev temple. It was very old and nice temple. By walikng from here we go to raagnath temple just 200mtrs away from it. It was very beautiful temple. We worship in both temples and closed at 12 oclock. Its remember that all temples in Mathura anc Varindavan are closex from 12 pm to 4 pm, so try to go early in thr morning or late evening. So after taking lunch we go back to guest house and ready to go Mathura railway station. So It was my all experience to share with all devotees and traveller. Hope it will helpfull to you. Thnkas for reading my blog. Raaadhey Raaadhey

In Brief:
Mathura: Shri Krishna Janam Bhumi, Dwarkadheesh, Radha Kund, Gukul, Barsana, Nand Gaon
Varindavan: Shri Bankey Bihrai Temple, Radha Vallabh, Prem Mandir, Iskon Mandir, Govind Dev Temple, Raagnath Temple


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