WordPress Hostgator Hosting

Beginner users confuse for WordPress Hostgator Hosting. First of all we clear about Hostgator hosting type :

1.  Single Domain Linux Hosting

2. Single Domain Window Hosting

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Both are same You can choose any one of above type. I choose “Single Domain Linux Hosting”.  Both hosting type can run and use on your Window and Linux system. Actually these are known as share hosting. They provide us single same server for more than one users. Sharing server is less costly.

I suggest purchase Hostgator Hosting for minimum 3 years. Because you will get good discount price. Because renew yearly cost is much higher than first time purchase.

In Single Domain Hosting(  Linux or Window) You can tag only one domain name.

After purchase hosting you are not bound to run your blog only with wordpress.org. You have also other software options to create your blog same as WordPress plugin.

WordPress Hostgator Hosting

So after purchase you will get mail “Web Hosting Control panel” settings like user name, Password, Name server etc. When you purchase hosting then you have choice to login with your third party domain name or you can buy from same hosting server.

If it is third party domain name then first setting you name server after some time you will able to login your cpanel with domain name like: “example.com/cpanel”

Login your Cpanel.

Click on WordPress.org software and again click on Install Now. After installation login your WordPress.org with your own domain name like:


Remember: After installation remove “WP_” from table Prefix. Leave it blank. Otherwise it will create problem when you publish your first page.

Wordpress Setting
WordPress Hostgator Hosting Setting

You will able to see your blog with your domain name after creating first post untill showing error with domain name.

I will recommend Hostgator Hosting. Because it have easy tools to use for your blog or website. More important customer care service is very good.


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